LOVER Superfood Latte


Hello lover, fancy seeing you here.Nutritional information might sound serious and that’s because it is...seriously filled with plenty of potential health benefits.

Look, there’s no easy way to say this without a humblebrag, but here goes: Every Lover latte you fall in love with, is loaded with natures finest extracts. There’s a very real chance that after just one sip, you’ll be beaming with bright ideas while sunshine springs from every step! Latte’s will become your life force and you’ll be filled with so much goodness, not an inch of negativity will come your way.


No sugar, sorry sweetie. We’re on teamAgave all the way. The Lover Latte range is naturally sweetened with MexicanAgave Nectar (aka syrup) which means all our lattes are lower glucose, richerfructose and have a lower GI.


Flat phone battery and a cute date to get to? Matcha is the closest you’ll get to a cup of miracles, made by nature to solve all your memory problems. With 137 times more anti-oxidants and catechins than a standard green tea it might be the exact thing you need to mesmerise your date by remembering their name correctly and telling an epic tale of navigation without google maps.  

Things going well? Then impress them even further with your incredible attention span, quick reaction times (no red wine will come near any nice dress thanks to you) and cool facts about your healthy liver, all probably thanks to the magic of matcha.


It’s time to transform yourself into the queen you truly are, starting with a cup of turmeric. Loaded with curcumin, turmeric has almost absolutely everything you need to rule the world. Research suggests that this humble hero could improve memory and mood, fight depression, chronic disease and heart disease, treat arthritis and lower the risk of brain disease. How might this help you achieve greatness? Well, when you feel unstoppable, then usually you are.


When the going gets tough, you’ll just keep on going and glowing, thanks to a few powerful root vegetables. Excuse the sciencey speak for a second, but when you combine beetroot and black carrots, a load of really awesome anti-oxidants, anthocyanins and polyphenols work together to help you become the best potential version of yourself. Each of these things may potentially help keep your blood pressure in check, improve your cognitive function and athletic performance. Use these benefits to climb a mountain, or at least help you get through that mountain of paper-work.


So you have a couch that needs moving? Sip on some spirulina and then find the strength to do it yourself. Okay, slight exaggeration but people of science agree that spirulina and blueberries are both stacked with plenty of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that may improve muscle strength, increase endurance and help slow cognitive decline.

In case, couch lifting isn’t your thing, spirulina and blueberries have also been rumoured to keep your heart healthy and reduce signs of aging. Here’s to feeling 22 forever.